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Download demo version

The trial version of Quant is fully functional but for evaluation purposes only. Once you are satisfied with Quant, you can purchase it by filling out and sending us the registration form included in the file that you download from this page. Quant is CHF 50.- in Europe, CAD 50 or USD 40 in North America (plus applicable taxes).

First, copy the file q32v28b.exe from this site by clicking here. Then install it as follows:

1. Ensure that Word for Windows is not running.

2. Put q32v28b.exe in a temporary directory.

3. Execute q32v28b.exe in the temporary directory. This will create four files: q32v28.wll, q32v28.hlp, qinstall.doc and qregister.doc.

4. Copy q32v28.hlp to the Windows main directory (e.g. c:\windows)

5. Copy q32v28.wll to the Microsoft Word startup directory.
   (See the Word help for information on locating the startup directory. It is likely to be c:\program files\microsoft office\office\startup.)

6. Print qregister.doc or save it to a permanent location along with qinstall.doc.

7. Ensure that the Word startup directory does not contain an old version of Quant. If it does, delete that file or rename it.

8. Start Word. The menu "Quant" will appear to the right of the Word "Help" menu.

9. Select "Quant Help" from the "Quant" menu in order to obtain instructions on running Quant.

To order Quant

- In Europe

    Contact FXM Traduction SÓrl, Grand-Rue 12, 2036 CormondrŔche, Switzerland

    fax: +41 32 731 49 48

- In the rest of the world, contact Chamblon Systems Inc.